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Aviation Glass launches new AeroGlass Mirror with Oculus Technology

  • Transparent mirror transforms into a screen for passenger announcements and advertising
  • AGT partners with Oculus Technologies to develop innovations for the cabin of the future

AIX 2018, HAMBURG, GERMANY — AviationGlass & Technology (AGT) — a Dutch innovations company manufacturing and supplying certified glass products to the global aviation industry — today announced the launch of its new translucent AeroGlass Mirror that transforms into a screen at the touch of a centrally controlled button. The company also announced a partnership with Oculus Technologies, an on-board infotainment specialist, who designed and developed the software content behind this new high tech mirror. The new translucent AeroGlass Mirror, enabling communications including advertising and passenger announcements to remain invisible until required, is on show inside a cabin of the future on AGT’s AIX booth (number 2U04, Upper Hall B2 opposite the Airline Lounge).

Using the element of surprise to capture the attention of passengers during a flight was the logic used by AGT during the development of this new technologically advanced mirror, come screen. Integrated signs, lighting and LCD displays behind the ultra-thin AeroGlass Mirror enable its surface to remain translucent when switched off. A capacitive button, controlled centrally, allows the lighting to be switched on and off at all times. As with all AeroGlass products, the transparent mirrors are fully certified, and have passed all impact and flammability tests on both commercial and private aircraft.

Jaap Wiersema, AviationGlass & Technology’s COO, said, “Meaningful innovation is our mantra when it comes to the creation of technical features. We partnered with Oculus Technolgoies to combine its expertise in content software with our technological know-how. The result is this ingenious mirror offering airlines an exciting and innovative new way to capture the attention of passengers on-board. Potential applications comprise integrated screens in bulkheads or in lavatories for advertising and passenger announcements including ‘close the door’ and ‘return to seat’ signs. The possibilities are endless!”

Commenting on the partnership with AGT, Stefan van Cleef, Creative Director at Oculus Technologies, says, “We are very proud to be working together with AviationGlass & Technology to present the aviation industry with forward-looking infotainment solutions that taking a passenger’s on-board experience to a whole new level.”

AeroGlass is the world’s only certified ultra-thin and lightweight glass product for aircraft interiors. Up to 50% thinner and 25% lighter than traditional polycarbonate products yet highly robust as well as scratch and UV-resistant, AeroGlass Mirrors are available in any colour and can be combined with integrated lighting feature for high quality branding and luxurious personalization opportunities.


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