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Why do our clients embrace AeroGlass?
  • Outstanding first impression.
  • Lasting quality.
  • Crystal clear screens.
  • Surprising elements.
  • Bright mirrors.
  • Unmirrored screens.
  • Guaranteed 100% clear.
  • Surprising light elements.
  • And… number 10: All products are mandated by EASA and FAA.

AeroGlass Mirrors

What makes AeroGlass Mirrors stand out from traditional mirrors for aircraft interiors?

AeroGlass Mirrors are crafted from real mirrored glass with unique chemical enhancements, offering exceptional strength, flexibility, shock absorption, and scratch resistance. Their crystal-clear reflections and boundless customization options through digitally embedded printing make them unparalleled in creating distinctive cabin interiors.

Why are AeroGlass Mirrors well-suited for both commercial and business aircraft applications?

AeroGlass Mirrors are designed to meet the demands of aviation, providing optical precision, scratch resistance, reduced weight, space optimization, and superior damage resistance. Available in various thicknesses, they not only ensure durability and safety but also serve as a versatile canvas for customized solutions in aircraft cabin interior design.

What makes aviation glass mirrors suitable for commercial and business aircraft interiors?

Aviation glass mirrors offer customizability, various colors, semi-transparency, and key features like optical quality, durability, scratch resistance, reduced weight, and damage resistance. These mirrors are designed to meet aviation’s unique demands, providing both aesthetics and functionality for passenger cabins, lavatories, galleys, bedrooms, bathrooms, and cockpit areas in private business jets.

What are the key features of aviation glass mirrors, and how do they contribute to aircraft interior design?

Aviation glass mirrors come with several key features:

Customizable Size and Shape: Tailored to fit any aircraft part, optimizing space and design flexibility. Color Variety: Available in different colors for aesthetics, crucial for business aircraft interior design. Semi-Transparency: Useful for unique applications like info displays and cabin dividers, enhancing passenger experience. Optical Quality: Maintains clarity for passenger mirrors and overhead compartments, ensuring distortion-free use. Scratch-Resistant: Highly durable, even in the demanding aviation environment. Reduced Weight: Lightweight, contributing to overall aircraft weight savings. Damage-Resistant: Withstands turbulence, vibrations, and impacts, ensuring passenger safety. Customizable Thickness: Tailored thickness options without adding substantial weight, fitting various aircraft components.

Integrated Lighting Mirrors

How do AeroGlass Mirrors with integrated lighting contribute to aviation interior design?

AeroGlass Mirrors with integrated lighting elevate cabin aesthetics, safety, and passenger engagement. The mirrors’ versatility, through digitally embedded printing, provides a wide range of customization options, making them a transformative step towards creating a passenger journey that is visually stunning and functionally advanced.

What sets AeroGlass Integrated Lighting Mirrors apart from conventional aircraft mirrors?

AeroGlass Integrated Lighting Mirrors are crafted from genuine mirrored glass with unique chemical enhancements, providing strength, flexibility, shock absorption, and scratch resistance. What sets them apart is their versatility, offering a wide range of customization options through digitally embedded printing, including shapes, colors, and integrated lighting features, transforming any cabin interior for a visually stunning and functionally advanced journey.

How do AeroGlass Mirrors with integrated lighting contribute to passenger safety and engagement?

Incorporating AeroGlass Mirrors with integrated lighting into your aircraft interior design is a transformative step towards creating a visually stunning and functionally advanced passenger journey. These mirrors not only elevate cabin aesthetics but also contribute to safety and passenger engagement, thanks to their innovative design and customization options.

Colored Mirrors

How do AeroGlass Colored Mirrors elevate the ambiance of aircraft cabins?

AeroGlass Colored Mirrors transform the ambiance of aircraft cabins by infusing a touch of glamour and providing passengers with a superior on-board experience. Designed for style elevation and endless decorative possibilities, these mirrors can be shaped to fit any size or color scheme, making them a versatile choice for both commercial and business aircraft applications.

What makes colored AeroGlass Mirrors a unique choice for cabin interiors?

The extensive range of colored AeroGlass Mirrors is specially crafted to enhance style and decorative options within the cabin. By offering a truly unique and visually appealing environment for passengers, these mirrors elevate cabin aesthetics and contribute to overall passenger satisfaction.

Interactive Mirrors

How do AeroGlass Interactive Mirrors go beyond their primary function of reflection?

AeroGlass Interactive Mirrors transcend traditional mirrors by becoming advanced communication platforms. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, they can display images, signs, and videos, serving as integrated onboard communication tools that convey important information, safety instructions, and entertainment content seamlessly.

How can AeroGlass Interactive Mirrors enhance the in-flight experience for passengers?

AeroGlass Interactive Mirrors offers airlines multiple communication tools to connect with passengers, enhancing the in-flight experience in new and innovative ways. By seamlessly integrating communication, these mirrors become an advanced feature that contributes to passenger engagement and overall satisfaction. Infinite possibilities with our AeroGlass® Mirrors for your onboard passenger experience.

AeroGlass Transparencies

What sets AeroGlass transparencies apart for aircraft applications?

AeroGlass transparencies are meticulously crafted for unrivaled clarity, shielding passengers from sunlight scatterings, scratches, and imperfections, ensuring an unobstructed view. Applicable for lenses, antiglare, and screen covers, these transparencies contribute to a brighter, more protective, clearer, and safer flying experience where clarity and comfort are paramount.

What are the key features of AeroGlass transparencies, and how do they enhance the flying experience?

AeroGlass transparencies, with crystal-clear, ultra-thin, lightweight laminated airplane glass, represent the pinnacle of customization. They offer an impressive 2% weight reduction compared to 2mm PMMA and pass critical flammability tests for heat release, smoke density, and toxicity. Standard thicknesses are available, and custom thickness options and dimensions are offered to cater to the exact needs of aircraft interiors.

What are AeroGlass Lenses, and how do they enhance the aviation experience?

AeroGlass Lenses are high-performance laminated glasses designed exclusively for aircraft interiors. They offer exceptional clarity, strength, and safety. These lenses ensure a comfortable and relaxed passenger experience by providing clear skies and sights, eliminating the need for sunglasses during flights.

What makes AeroGlass Lenses stand out from traditional aircraft windows?

AeroGlass Lenses are crystal-clear, ultra-thin, ultra-strong, and lightweight. They provide a 2% weight reduction compared to 2mm PMMA. Additionally, they pass critical flammability tests, including those for heat release, smoke density, and toxicity, ensuring both safety and comfort for passengers.

Can I customize AeroGlass Lenses according to my specific needs?

Absolutely! AeroGlass Lenses are available in various sizes and shapes to cater to your specific requirements. You can choose from standard thicknesses like 0.95mm / 0.037″, 1.2mm / 0.047”, 1.5mm / 0.05”, 2.1mm / 0.087“, and 2.6mm / 1.024”, or request custom thicknesses for precise customization.

Are AeroGlass Lenses suitable for both commercial and business aircraft?

Yes, AeroGlass Lenses are exclusively manufactured for aircraft interior applications, serving both commercial and business aircraft. Their versatility and customization options make them suitable for various aircraft types.

What is the significance of the non-reflective, scratch-resistant glass for In-Flight entertainment systems?

Our non-reflective, scratch-resistant glass for In-Flight entertainment systems is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance the overall viewing experience for passengers. It ensures optimal clarity and shields passengers from sunlight scatterings, scratches, or imperfections, providing an unobstructed view during their journey.

Is AeroGlass working on any other innovative glass solutions for the aviation industry?

Absolutely! Our dedicated team is actively developing a groundbreaking switchable glass solution for the dividing partition between economy and business class. This innovation aims to replace traditional curtains, offering a sleek and modern solution that will revolutionize the in-flight experience.

Interior projects

What is the significance of AviationGlass & Technology’s AeroGlass® products in aircraft cabin interiors?

AeroGlass® products from AviationGlass & Technology are real glass mirrors, transparencies, and ornamental glass panels designed for both commercial and business jet aircraft cabin interiors. Known for their durability and safety, these products serve as the canvas for airplane cabin interior design, ensuring comfort and style through crystal-clear visibility, heightened transparency, and innovative lighting possibilities.

How does AviationGlass & Technology cater to the specific needs of the aviation industry?

AviationGlass & Technology specializes in crafting custom-designed product solutions strategically engineered to meet the precise specifications of customers in the commercial and business aviation industry. Our commitment is to deliver unmatched comfort and style through innovative glass solutions.

How does AeroGlass® contribute to personalization within Business Jet Interiors?

AeroGlass® offers ultrathin glass panels and mirrors that can be seamlessly integrated into every aspect of business jet interiors. With limitless design possibilities, these panels are highly robust, scratch- and allowing for personalized concepts from entrances to lavatories, bathrooms, and living rooms. The product’s durability also reduces ownership and maintenance costs, making it an ideal choice for those who travel in style.

What role do Ceiling Panels play in personalized luxury within aircraft interiors?

Ceiling Panels from Aviation Glass are custom-made laminated glass panels for aircraft, creating illuminated ceiling units that can be personalized with various patterns. This allows each airline to add a unique touch of luxury and style to their aircraft interiors, contributing to an enhanced flying experience for passengers.

What other glass solutions does AviationGlass & Technology offer for aircraft interiors?

AviationGlass & Technology offers a comprehensive range of glass solutions beyond Ceiling Panels. From cabin dividers to shower doors and fridge doors, our expertise in glass solutions knows no bounds. Airlines can trust us to bring innovation, quality, and style to every facet of their aircraft’s interior design, offering more possibilities to elevate the overall flying experience.

What are the key features of AeroGlass® products, and how do they enhance airplane cabin interiors?

AeroGlass® products, renowned for their durability and safety, serve as the canvas for crafting airplane cabin interiors that prioritize comfort and style. They achieve this through crystal-clear visibility, enhanced transparency, and versatile lighting options. The crystal-clear, ultra-thin, lightweight laminated airplane glass epitomizes customization, available in various sizes and shapes to meet specific requirements.

Testing & Certification

Why should I choose AeroGlass® products for aviation applications?

AeroGlass® products are the leading choice for aviation applications due to their reliability and performance in the most demanding conditions. Our products are certified, proving their reliability and durability, which are crucial factors in aviation. They strictly adhere to all safety and certification standards mandated by regulatory authorities such as EASA and FAA.

How do certified products, such as AeroGlass® products, contribute to onboard safety?
Certified products play a vital role in onboard safety by adhering to high-quality standards. The reliability and durability of certified glass products ensure the safety of passengers, crew, and the aircraft itself. Compliance with stringent aviation regulations is essential, and working with certified products guarantees adherence to these standards.
Why is compliance with aviation safety and certification standards crucial?

The aviation industry is tightly regulated, and compliance with safety and certification standards is of utmost importance. Certified products, like AeroGlass®, assure that the products meet the rigorous requirements set by regulatory authorities. This commitment to compliance enhances overall safety in aviation applications.

What type of glass does Aviation Glass deliver, and how is it designed to perform?

Aviation Glass delivers certified, flexible, shock-absorbing glass that is designed to last. Our products undergo rigorous testing and adhere to strict certification standards to ensure their reliability and performance in challenging aviation environments. Detailed test results can be downloaded and certifications are available for download, providing transparency and confidence in the quality of our products.