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Innovative Glass Solutions for the In-Flight Experience

No sunlight scatterings, scratches, or imperfections on all screens.

Trust us to deliver innovative glass solutions that redefine aviation luxury

We understand that a superior in-flight experience goes beyond the exterior of an aircraft. That’s why we pay meticulous attention to the interior, from the cabin and galley to the lavatories and, especially, the In-Flight entertainment systems.

Our comprehensive range of transparencies are meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled clarity, effectively shielding passengers from sunlight scatterings, scratches, or imperfections, and guaranteeing an unobstructed view.

We are proud to introduce our latest innovation: a non-reflective, scratch-resistant glass designed exclusively for In-Flight entertainment systems. 

This cutting-edge glass ensures an optimal viewing experience for passengers, enhancing their overall journey.

Furthermore, our dedicated team is currently hard at work on a groundbreaking switchable glass solution for the dividing partition between economy and business class. Say goodbye to flimsy curtains and embrace a sleek and modern solution that will revolutionize the in-flight experience.

Our commitment is to enhance the flying experience for all passengers, ensuring that every journey is memorable, comfortable, and visually stunning. Trust us to deliver innovative glass solutions that redefine aviation luxury.

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