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Interior projects for unmatched comfort and style

In the aviation industry, delivering the highest level of comfort and style within aircraft cabin interiors is paramount. Passengers and stakeholders alike seek an exceptional journey defined by innovation and attractive interiors. Mood lighting, style, and personalization play an important role, in creating a pleasant ambiance and mitigating the effects of jet lag during long-haul flights.

AviationGlass & Technology takes the lead in manufacturing real glass mirrors, transparencies, and ornamental glass panels designed for both commercial and business jet aircraft cabin interiors. Our AeroGlassĀ® products, known for their durability and safety, serve as the canvas for airplane cabin interior design. They ensure comfort and style through crystal-clear visibility, heightened transparency, and lighting possibilities.

Aviation Glass & Technology specializes in crafting custom-designed product solutions that are strategically engineered and developed to meet the precise specifications of our customers in the commercial and business aviation industry.

Ceiling Panels

INTERIOR projects

Personalized luxury above

In the aviation industry, personalization and luxury have gained prominence. At Aviation Glass, we play a crucial role in bringing these elements to life through custom-made laminated glass panels for aircraft. These panels create illuminated ceiling units that can be personalized with various patterns, allowing each airline to add a unique touch to their aircraft.

Our dedicated production team has invested countless hours perfecting these custom-made, laminated glass panels, enabling airlines to infuse luxury and style into their aircraft interiors. We take pride in enhancing the flying experience for passengers worldwide.

Cabin Dividers

AviationGlass’s innovative glass Cabin Dividers

Discover the sophistication and practicality of AviationGlass’s glass Cabin Dividers in modern aircraft. Crafted from lightweight and durable materials like our AeroGlass, these dividers enhance the flying experience by creating a sense of openness, spaciousness, and connectivity within the cabin. Ideal for premium cabins and business class areas,

these dividers seamlessly blend upscale aesthetics with functional advantages, such as improved safety and ease of navigation. Explore the cutting-edge features, including smart technology integration for digital displays and customizable ambient lighting, that make AviationGlass’s glass Cabin Dividers a symbol of form and function, elevating your overall travel experience.

Shower Doors

VIP Jet Interior with personalized glass designs from AviationGlass

Transform your VIP jet into a masterpiece of luxury with personalized glass shower doors, ceiling panels, and more from AviationGlass. Explore Aeroglass, the world’s only patented ultra-thin and lightweight certified glass designed exclusively for aircraft interiors. Picture crystal-clear glass mirrors with customizable logos that greet your guests upon boarding,

setting the tone for a unique and luxurious experience. Discover the possibilities of personalized glass designs that go beyond aesthetics, incorporating innovative features like touch-activated lighting and digital presentations. Step into a realm of unparalleled sophistication and individuality in aviation interior design with AviationGlass.

Fridge Doors

Are you ready to redefine in-flight luxury?

AviationGlass introduces Isolated Glass, a revolutionary solution designed specifically for fridges on luxury jets and business class areas.

Experience the pinnacle of sophistication in aviation with AviationGlass’s isolated glass for fridges on luxury jets and business class areas.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures optimal insulation, preserving the freshness of your in-flight amenities. Elevate your travel experience and enjoy the convenience of state-of-the-art isolated glass that combines functionality with sleek design. Explore the possibilities and redefine onboard luxury with AviationGlass.

More inspiration

INTERIOR projects

More possibilities await

In addition to our ceiling panels, we offer a range of glass solutions to elevate your aircraft interiors further. From cabin dividers to shower doors and fridge doors, our expertise in glass solutions knows no bounds. Trust us to bring innovation, quality, and style to every facet of your aircraft’s interior design.

Choose AviationGlass & Technology to redefine the standards of aviation luxury and comfort.

More ideas?

If you have more ideas or applications of our glass you want to discuss, please contact us for more information.