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Interactive Mirrors

Discover the limitless potential of AeroGlass Mirrors today.

Advanced Mirrors as communication platforms

AeroGlass Interactive Mirrors are not just mirrors; they are advanced communication platforms. These cutting-edge technology mirrors transcend their primary function of reflection. They become integrated onboard communication tools capable of displaying images, signs, and videos.

This added functionality empowers airlines to convey important information, safety instructions, 

and entertainment content seamlessly through the mirrors, enhancing the passenger experience in more ways than one.

AeroGlass Interactive Mirrors can have multiple communication tools to connect with your passengers. Let’s elevate the in-flight experience to new heights.

Get Inspired

Our AeroGlass® Mirrors stand out for their remarkable versatility and personalization options. Using our innovative multi-color printing technique sealed into each mirror, we provide a wide array of options for customization. Create unique experiences for your passengers by utilizing our personalization options. Display corporate logos, share information, or customize decorative patterns to enhance the in-flight experience.


Fully customizable

Available in every color, shape or size

Available with touch screen features

Available with branding features