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Prevent scratched or fussy screens…

Impress your aircraft customers with AeroGlass: ultra-thin, lightweight, 100% clear, scratch-free,
and solid laminated glass for mirrors, screens, and dividers.

Lightweight, lower costs of maintenance, and no need to replace in the next 20 years

Carbon screens and mirrors get fussy in years because they scratch. AeroGlass can’t scratch, stays 100% clear, and is easier to clean. This means superior customer experience, lower cost of maintenance, and reduction of weight.

Elevate your airline’s profitability through an interior upgrade with AeroGlass® of Aviation Glass & Technology. We have established a global standard in the aviation industry with our cutting-edge, certified glass solutions. Our expertise caters to both commercial and business aircraft applications, making us the premier supplier of AeroGlass® – a crystal clear, ultra-thin, and incredibly strong laminated glass designed exclusively for aircraft interiors. The AeroGlass® product range is fully adaptable to meet your precise specifications.

AeroGlass stays as bright as brilliant

Your customers’ first impressions are crucial, and their enduring experience is important. Distinguish your aircraft with attention to detail and craft, a superior on-board passenger journey. Real glass offers numerous advantages over traditional polycarbonate, including its lightweight nature and remarkable durability, making it resistant to scratches, rays, and damage.

10 reasons why our clients embrace AeroGlass

Outstanding first impression

Lasting quality

Crystal clear screens

Surprising elements

Bright mirrors

Unmirrored screens

Easy to clean

Guaranteed 100% clear

Surprising light elements

Mandated by EASA and FAA.

Our commitment to excellence

Our customers value us for our collaborative approach, innovative product offerings, technical expertise, and unparalleled customer service. These are the core values we uphold and cultivate each day. Over the past two decades, Aviation Glass has played an integral role in numerous major aircraft interior developments, collaborating closely with aircraft manufacturers, designers, engineers, suppliers, and more.
See the potential of your airline’s interiors with Aviation Glass & Technology’s advanced laminated glass solutions, setting you on a path to quality upgrades and passenger satisfaction.

What do our customers value about Aviation Glass & Technology?

  • Our collaborative nature

  • Innovative products

  • Technical expertise

  • World-class customer service

These are four values we stand for and work on every day. Would you like to experience these qualities? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Major platforms include

The circles of trust

Flying for 9 platforms

15 portfolio product lines

25 years of experience

Madated by FAA

Certification EASA & ISO

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