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AeroGlass, a perfect alternative for PPSU

VOORTHUIZEN, THE NETHERLANDS, — AeroGlass, a perfect alternative for PPSU. 

AeroGlass has been developed specifically for aircraft interior applications. It is ideally suited for a wide range of applications such as mirrors, interactive screens or mirrors, lenses, galley doors, windows, shower doors, bar racks, cabin dividers, picture covers, large safety windows, interactive media, or even inflight entertainment systems.
Today, full transparent PPSU is used in the aviation industry because it is a transparent flame retardant product. As the industry’s leading supplier of AeroGlass, a crystal-clear, ultra-thin, ultra-strong laminated scratch-resistance we offer you even more advantages in comparison to PPSU besides compliance with FAR 25.853.

Safety regulations and certification
Our mirrors, lenses, and our other transparencies have been subjected to an extensive series of tests, executed under the supervision of an EASA delegate at an external testing laboratory, and our in-house testing facilities. AeroGlass products are fully customizable and adhere strictly to all aviation safety and certification standards as described in EASA CS25 AMC 603. AeroGlass meets your specification requirements and provides a superior onboard passenger experience, for both commercial and business travel.
The Aviation Glass facility is EASA Part 21G and AS9100D certified and adheres strictly to all aviation safety and certification standards mandated by EASA and FAA regulatory authorities. Naturally, it passes all flammability tests including heat release, smoke density, and toxicity. And it stands out to the OSU 65/65 heat release requirements too. We collaborate with our customers to define testing requirements and ensure specification compliance. We deliver the certified, flexible, shock-resistant glass that is designed to last!

Our standout features
Typical for our glass is that it is fully customizable. It is highly scratch resistant and is available in any color, shape, or size. Our products can be combined with light effects or other special effects such as interactive, touchscreen features. For example, we have developed an innovative multi-color printing technique to digitally embed text and images inside our AeroGlass Mirror. Personalization is the perfect way to integrate corporate logos, communicate information, and customized decorative visual patterns to enhance the passenger experience. Last but not least, AeroGlass is fully recyclable and therefore are very sustainable material. Aviation Glass & Technology sets the global standard in the aviation industry for high-tech certified glass products. With our fully customizable AeroGlass product portfolio, we would like to meet our customer’s specification requirements.

How may we help you?
Our experts are happy to help you select the proper customized glass solution for your aircraft application. Please contact us for technical information, price quotation, and product line questions at or call +31 (0) 342 472 083

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