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Fokker Services Group and Aviation Glass sign innovation agreement on STC for certified heat-release real glass

Together with Fokker Services Group (“FSG”) we partnered up to replace standard inner polycarbonate window lenses with ‘RealGlass’ technology on the Airbus ACJ330 aircraft, a project that is positioning FSG as a real front-runner in the European wide-body completion market. Upon obtaining an EASA STC certification for this innovative solution, this project will incorporate certified heat-release real glass in commercially operated aircraft with more than 20 passengers.

This announcement, made during the last edition of the Aircraft Interior Expo (AIX) 2023 in Hamburg, Germany, will enable FSG to replace standard lenses on the Airbus ACJ330 aircraft with ‘RealGlass’ lenses. Compared to traditional polycarbonate windows, this cutting-edge solution caters to the most stringent demands of VIP clients, offering lighter, brighter, and more scratch-resistant windows that enhance the cabin’s ambience. Read the full press release here.

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