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In the aviation industry, visual excellence shapes the passenger experience

Visual input plays a serious role in defining passenger experiences within the aviation industry. It’s the first impression of comfort, where the shapes, sizes, glossiness, and lightness of objects contribute to our overall perception.

AeroGlass has been specially crafted for aircraft interior applications, offering boundless versatility. Whether it’s mirrors, interactive screens, lenses, windows, or any other application, AeroGlass shines in every aspect.

In contrast to PPSU, which is used in the aviation industry for its flame-retardant properties, AeroGlass takes it a step further with its crystal-clear, ultra-thin, ultra-strong lamination, and scratch resistance.

Within this context, our range of transparencies, including lenses, sun covers, and screen covers designed for in-flight entertainment and security systems take center stage.

These solutions offer unparalleled clarity, shielding passengers from sunlight scatterings, scratches, or imperfections, ensuring an unobstructed view.

Fulfill your vision with AeroGlass, the future of aircraft interior innovation.