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AeroGlass Lenses

Where clarity meets performance.

Say goodbye to the era of grubby, scratched plastic windows and fogged mirrors

Our AeroGlass® Lenses are the ultimate solution for ensuring clear skies and clear sights in aviation. Our unscratchable lens not only excels in delivering exceptional clarity and strength but also exceeds rigorous safety tests, offering peace of mind to both passengers and operators. AeroGlass Lens is exclusively manufactured for aircraft interior applications, serving both commercial and business aircraft.

Bid farewell to squinting under the bright sunlight during your flight. With our laminated glass, you can savor the breathtaking views without the need for sunglasses. AeroGlass Lens ensures a comfortable and relaxed passenger experience, placing clear skies and sights at the forefront.

Our crystal-clear, ultra-thin, ultra-strong, and lightweight laminated glass is the epitome of customization, available in various sizes and shapes to cater to your specific needs. AeroGlass Lens offers an impressive 6% weight reduction compared to 2mm PMMA, and it successfully passes all critical flammability tests, including those for heat release, smoke density, and toxicity.

Embrace AeroGlass Lens for a brighter, clearer, and safer flying experience, where clarity and comfort take center stage.

You have the flexibility to choose from a range of standard thicknesses, such as 0.95mm / 0.037″, 1.2mm / 0.047”, 1.5mm / 0.05”, 2.1mm / 0.087“, and 2.6mm / 1.024”, or you can request custom thicknesses to precisely match your requirements.

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Not scratched
Lens dimmable off
Lens dimmable on


Fully customizable

Available in every color, shape or size

Available with touch screen features

Special effects can be applied

Available with branding features

Can be combined with lighting effects