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Colored Mirrors

Elevate aircraft cabins with stylish Colored Mirrors 

Apply a touch of glamour throughout the aircraft cabin

Transform the ambiance of your aircraft cabin with AeroGlass’s exquisite-colored mirrors. These mirrors not only infuse a touch of glamour but also offer passengers a superior on-board experience.

Our Colored Mirrors are designed to elevate the style and provide endless decorative possibilities. They can be shaped to fit any size or color scheme, making them a versatile choice for both commercial and business aircraft applications.

The extensive range of colored AeroGlass Mirrors is specially crafted to enhance the style and decorative options within the cabin, allowing you to create a truly unique and visually appealing environment for your passengers. Elevate your cabin aesthetics and passenger satisfaction with AeroGlass® Colored Mirrors today.
Apply a touch of glamour throughout the aircraft cabin while providing passengers a superior on-board experience.

Get Inspired

Our AeroGlass® Mirrors stand out for their remarkable versatility and personalization options. Using our innovative multi-color printing technique sealed into each mirror, we provide a wide array of options for customization. Create unique experiences for your passengers by utilizing our personalization options. Display corporate logos, share information, or customize decorative patterns to enhance the in-flight experience.


Fully customizable

Available in every color, shape or size

Available with touch screen features

Special effects can be applied

Available with branding features