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Aviation Glass collaborates with Jet Aviation

Aviationglass & Technology collaborates with Jet Aviation to certify and further develop glass lenses for Window Shade Systems.

  • Pre-obtained EASA STCs for VIP aircraft speed up lens replacements with glass
  • One-stop shop for upgrades to superior interior glass window panes combined with shade systems
  • Replacement MSA window shade lenses available this year on show at EBACE (Booth L98)

EBACE 2018, BOOTH L98, GENEVA, SWITZERLAND — AviationGlass & Technology (AGT) — a Dutch innovations company manufacturing and supplying certified glass products to the global aviation industry — today announced a collaboration with Jet Aviation, a global business aviation services provider, to fully certify interior glass lenses with existing window shade systems on several Airbus and Boeing (VIP) aircraft and business jets. A replacement product for the MSA window shade lenses will already become available this year with other window shade replacement products following in 2019. A prototype of this product is being shown on AGT’s booth (L98) at EBACE 2018.

Together with Jet Aviation, AGT will obtain Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for its AeroGlass Lens to be installed on any existing window shade system. This will enable customers to easily replace vulnerable polycarbonate lenses with crystal clear, ultra-scratch resistant, light-weight glass without having to obtain the certifications themselves. Delivered products will be installation ready and provided with all the necessary documentation, including an updated IPC (Illustrated Parts Catalog), CMM (Component Maintenance Manual) and service bulletin amendment.

Replacement glass lenses will be provided with an EASA Form 1, entitling aircraft owners to replace any existing polycarbonate lens with AGT’s highly robust AeroGlass Lens providing visibly superior optical quality. Completely fire resistant , AeroGlass Lens has passed all flammability tests, including heat release.

Jaap Wiersema, AviationGlass & Technology’s COO, says, “It’s never been easier for business aviation customers to make the upgrade to glass and say goodbye to scratched plastic interior window panes. Combining forces with Jet Aviation means we can already offer certified glass lenses with existing window shades, saving customers time and money! Another area of focus will be the co-development of new combined offerings.”

Vincent Rongier, Jet Aviation’s Head of Refurbishment, Modification and Upgrades,adds, “The collaboration with AGT means we can now offer our customers a premium enhancement to the appearance of their aircraft while also saving them on cost of ownership. Clearer views from their interior windows could not be a more visible upgrade!”

AeroGlass, the world’s only certified ultra-thin and lightweight glass product for aircraft interiors, is up to 50% thinner and 25% lighter than traditional polycarbonate products yet highly robust as well as scratch and UV-resistant.


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