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AGT reveals new eco-efficient AeroGlass Panel Mirror and translucent AeroGlass Lighting Mirror at NBAA 2015

  • AeroGlass Panel Mirror:  lighter than ever, effortless installation
  • AeroGlass Lighting Mirror: innovative translucent effect

nbaa booth number C10146, LAS VEGAS, USA — AviationGlass & Technology, a Dutch company specialized in the research, development and production of glass products for the aviation industry, today announced that it has launched two new products: AeroGlass Panel Mirror and AeroGlass Lighting Mirror.

The AeroGlass Panel Mirror is chemically tempered with a composite backing stacked on honeycomb.  It is designed to minimize installation time to just minutes as well as to reduce weight by up to 22% compared to polycarbonate/plastic alternatives set on honeycomb. The lightweight mirror mounted on honeycomb combined with the use of VELCRO strips, instead of glue, enables easy and fast installation. AeroGlass’ high level of durability also greatly reduces the cost of ownership while offering passengers superior optical quality through crystal clear reflections.  

The AeroGlass Lighting Mirror is the world’s first ever lightweight mirror for aircraft interiors with a translucent coating, that when combined with lighting components, provides an enhanced reflection quality compared to polycarbonate equivalents.

Both AeroGlass Panel Mirror and AeroGlass Lighting Mirror have passed all required burn and impact tests as well as thermal shock and pencil hardness tests. All patented AeroGlass products create the ultimate on-board experience inside business and commercial aircraft by providing superior optical quality and crystal-clear views.  

John Rietveldt, AviationGlass & Technology’s CEO, said, “Unpack and place!  Installation of our highly robust, yet lighter than ever, AeroGlass Panel Mirror is as easy as that, taking just minutes to complete and eliminating the need for glue. Upgrading aircraft with AeroGlass Mirrors is faster than ever and also supports the aviation industry’s drive to improve eco-efficiency. 

Great lighting integrated with crystal clear reflections is a powerful combination which can play a big role in enhancing the design of business jets and commercial aircraft, as well as adding to the emotional comfort of passengers.   Our new AeroGlass Lighting Mirror uses a unique, innovative technique that delivers a translucent effect enabling light beams to be reflected through the mirror itself.  Passengers and aircraft owners will definitely ‘see the difference’!” 

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