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AGT brings advanced digitally embedded printing and new colors for enhanced personalization and branding

Voorthuizen, THE NETHERLANDS — AviationGlass & Technology, a Dutch company specialized in the research, development and production of glass products for the aviation industry, today announced that it is enabling greater personalization and branding opportunities in aircraft interiors by offering highly advanced printing and the option to apply different colors to its AeroGlass Mirrors. 

The company has developed a unique, multi-color printing technique that digitally embeds and seals both text and images inside its already highly resistant, laminated AeroGlass Mirror.  This eliminates the risk of print being scratched off or fading away. Additionally, AeroGlass Mirrors are now available in any color. This combined with AeroGlass Mirror’s integrated lighting feature means that high quality branding and luxurious personalization can be taken to a superior level.

AeroGlass is the world’s only patented ultra-thin and lightweight certified glass product for aircraft interiors.  Up to 50% thinner and 25% lighter than traditional polycarbonate products yet highly robust as well as scratch and UV-resistant, AeroGlass Mirrors create the ultimate on-board experience inside business and commercial aircraft by providing superior optical quality via crystal-clear reflections.  Cost of ownership and maintenance are significantly reduced due to the product’s high level of durability and resistance to scratching when cleaning and handling. 

John Rietveldt, AviationGlass & Technology’s CEO, said, “Our advanced technique means that printing is digitally embedded so that text and images are quite literally “locked inside” the ultra-thin AeroGlass.  This ensures the highest quality and no risk of print scratching off or fading over time. Combined with integrated lighting and mirrored glass available in all the colors of the rainbow, personalization in private jets and branding in commercial aircraft become seamlessly integrated into the on-board experience.” 

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