Real glass impossible for VIP jet interiors? Guess again! Introducing AeroGlass, world’s only patented ultra-thin and lightweight certified glass for aircraft interiors. Imagine a VIP jet interior radiating luxurious personalization. Guests step on board and the first thing they see is a beautifully clear, ultra-thin glass mirror. This is immediately recognizable as it says something about the VIP jet owner, visualized through its size, shape and color – all of which are personal choices. The mirror lights up as a response to a simple touch. This light draws attention to a personal message, a name or an image that has been digitally embedded and sealed into the glass, eliminating any risk of it being scratched off or fading away. This entrance not only looks different, it feels different!

Superior glass panels and mirrors for VIP jet interiors

The exquisitely clear, ultra-thin glass panels and mirrors contoured in distinctive forms are visible throughout the cabin and in the bathroom. They project space and depth in an array of color and light. Behind this new on-board personalization is AviationGlass & Technology, a Dutch company specialized in the research, development and production of glass products for the aviation industry and the creators of AeroGlass. AeroGlass is up to 50% thinner and 25% lighter than traditional polycarbonate products yet highly robust as well as scratch and UV-resistant. AeroGlass creates the ultimate on-board experience inside business and commercial aircrafts by providing superior optical quality. Additionally, cost of ownership and maintenance are significantly reduced due to the product’s high level of durability and resistance to scratching when cleaning and handling.

New dimensions of interior design with real glass

The company developed a unique, multi-color printing technique that digitally embeds and seals both text and images inside its already highly resistant, laminated AeroGlass Mirror. Text and images are quite literally “locked inside” the ultra-thin AeroGlass Mirror. This ensures the highest quality and no risk of print scratching off or fading over time. Combined with integrated lighting and mirrored glass available in any color or shape the design possibilities for VIP jet interiors are limitless.

Please contact us about our glass products for your VIP jet interior

AviationGlass & Technology’s range of AeroGlass products set the elite standard for VIP jet interiors. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the design possibilities or send us your technical specifications, so we’ll be able to provide you the most accurate quote possible for real glass in VIP jet interiors.