New cleanroom and laminar air flow units for Aviation Glass

VOORTHUIZEN, THE NETHERLANDS, MARCH, 2021 – Taking aircraft glass to the next level: Aviation Glass is upping its game with the new cleanroom of +/- 135 m2 in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands. This allows the company to further improve their production.

Designed and built by Interflow with custom crossflow cabinets to provide extra protection with clean air at critical moments, the new cleanroom replaces the old one that the company outgrew rapidly.

Realization and planning
Since production had to be stopped, construction – which was commissioned on November 24, 2020 – had to be done in a short space of time and was realized in record time over the Christmas holidays. This allowed Aviation Glass & Technology to start testing the brand-new facility as early as the first week of 2021.

“Interflow was the only party to indicate that said it could be done on such short notice. Other parties estimated a minimum of 12 weeks. Interflow immediately rolled up its sleeves”, says Jaap Wiersema, managing director of Aviation Glass & Technology.

Extreme climate
The production process consists of two sub-processes, each requiring its own extreme climate. In lamination, a foil is being used that is sensitive to both moisture and temperature, so that part of the cleanroom needs a dry – and cold – climate. Printing glass and foils on a ‘best in class’ UV inkjet printer, however, requires the exact opposite; a warm and humid environment.

With a relative humidity that is always below 10% and a temperature that is always below 17 degrees Celsius in one room and a humidity of around 50% and a temperature of 22 degrees in the other room, the climate can be called extreme. Both areas are of course dust-free and products can be transported from one area to another via a lock.

Overall responsibility
“We are very satisfied with the whole process. Interflow took overall responsibility and thus saved us a lot of problems. In addition, they gave us useful technical advice and had a pragmatic approach. We are very pleased with the result”, says Daan van den Brink, Operations Director Aviation Glass & Technology.

Cleanroom impressions
Below a gallery with images of the new cleanroom to give you an impression of how we improved this specific production area. For further questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact CEO Jaap Wiersema via or +31 (0) 342 472 083.

Photo credits: Interflow
News release credits: Interflow