Have you come across a transparent product which besides superior optical quality also meets fire safety requirements? Say hello to AeroGlass!

Fire-resistant: setting the new standard for fire safety

Aviation Glass has set the new industry standard for fire safety of transparent products in aircraft interiors. AeroGlass is a fully airworthy glass transparency and has successfully passed all flammability tests, such as Vertical Burn 12 sec/60 sec, Heat Release, Smoke Density and Toxicity, as per EASA/FAA requirements, and customer specifications.

Ultra-strong AeroGlass withstands all structural tests

We have structurally tested our glass as per EASA/FAA requirements, and our customer specifications. As expected, our AeroGlass successfully passes all tests such as Abuse Load, 21J Ball Impact, Bending and Pencil Hardness. Check out our structural and flammability test videos below. We guarantee they are hot.

With over 30 years of experience in the field of glass solutions, we are happy to collaborate with you and assist you in your next aircraft interior transparency challenge.


AeroGlass has successfully passed the flammability tests as per EASA/FAA requirements:

AeroGlass Vertical Burn Test 60sec

AeroGlass Vertical Burn Test 12sec

Heat Release Test

Smoke Density Test

AeroGlass meets all strict flammability and structural airworthiness requirements for aviation applications. Test results provide concrete evidence that our glass products can be fully certified for any aircraft interior application.

— Jacob Wiersema, Managing Director

AeroGlass has successfully passed the structural tests as per EASA/FAA requirements, as well as damage resistance testing:

AeroGlass 21J Ball Impact test

AeroGlass Abuse Load Test

AeroGlass Abuse Load test

AeroGlass is lightweight, fire and scratch-resistant, ultra-thin, durable, and easy to clean with any cleaning agent without scratching or causing distortion. Our clear as sky glass transparencies are ready to board. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Glass itself may be fragile, but our product is ultra-strong, due to the fact that it’s chemically tempered and laminated. Therefore it’s safe for use in an aircraft cabin.

AeroGlass is ultra-thin laminated glass that outperforms traditional polycarbonate alternatives in weight, thickness and is scratch and UV-resistant.

AeroGlass is the first airworthy glass transparency that has withstood all flammability tests available in the market, such as the Vertical Burn Test 12 sec, Vertical Burn Test 60 sec, Heat Release Test and Smoke Density & Toxicity Test. This means Aviation Glass has set the new standard for fire safety of transparent products in aircraft interiors.