Create and apply unique glass designs within airplane interiors by choosing AeroGlass. Don’t settle for less than a remarkable flying experience! The patented AeroGlass is the creation of AviationGlass & Technology, certified supplier of the global aviation industry. The organization is specialized in the research, development and production of mirrors, transparencies and ornamental glass panels for airplane interiors. The revolutionary material out of real glass can be cut to any shape or size, and mirrors come in a wide variety of colors. This allows limitless design possibilities, all tailored to your personal taste and style.

Airplane interior designs like never seen before

Throughout the cabin, in the bathroom and even as furniture finishing, the exquisitely clear, ultra-thin glass panels and colored mirrors can be applied. They project space and depth in an atmosphere of color and light, like never seen before. Forget wasteful and unmanageable polycarbonate alternatives. See the difference through crystal-clear reflections in AeroGlass mirrors and panels. Up to 50% thinner and 25% lighter than traditional polycarbonate products, AeroGlass is highly robust as well as scratch and UV-resistant. Additionally, cost of ownership and maintenance are significantly reduced due to the product’s high level of durability and resistance to scratching when cleaning and handling. Read more about our product range.

Aviation authority approval on AeroGlass

AeroGlass adheres strictly to all aviation safety standards. In 2015, the company’s AeroGlass received the world’s first ever aviation authority approval on ultra-thin, lightweight glass for aircraft interiors. A Supplemental Type Certificate and Production Organization Approval was issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and was followed by an ISO9001 certification in that same year. Read more about our quality management.

Contact us for our glass products for airplane interiors

AviationGlass & Technology’s range of AeroGlass products create unique airplane interior designs. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the design possibilities or send us your technical specifications, so we’ll be able to provide you the most accurate quote possible for real glass in airplane interiors.