AviationGlass & Technology develops and manufactures airplane glass. The patented products are real glass mirrors, transparencies and ornamental glass panels for commercial and business jet cabin interiors. In June 2015, the company made aviation history by receiving the first ever aviation authority approval on its ultrathin, lightweight aircraft glass.

Unique range of airplane glass: unknown possibilities

The unique range of airplane glass includes AeroGlass Lens, AeroGlass Mirror and AeroGlass Interior. AeroGlass is available as AeroGlass Mirror, ideal for lavatory finishes, bathroom vanities and other mirror applications, AeroGlass Lens, a scratch-resistant inner window panel, and AeroGlass Interior, for interior doors, bulkheads and kitchen appliances.

Airplane glass: the many advantages

The airplane glass is lightweight and ultrathin, up to 50% thinner and 25% lighter than traditional polycarbonate products. Moreover, the aircraft glass is highly robust as well as anti-scratch and UV-resistant. The patented AeroGlass creates the ultimate on-board experience inside business and commercial aircraft by providing superior optical quality via crystal clear (99.9% transparent) panels and mirrors. Cost of ownership and maintenance are significantly reduced due to the glass’ high level of durability and resistance to scratching when cleaning and handling.

STC for AeroGlass Lens and Mirror

In 2015, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the installation of the airplane glass product AeroGlass Lens to replace all protective inner window panes in the passenger cabin, and AeroGlass Mirror for lavatory finishes, in a Falcon 900 business jet.

To obtain the STC, the airplane glass products successfully passed all the rigorous safety tests required by the EASA, including the 21 joules ball impact test, abuse load tests and head impact tests to ensure that the aircraft glass can safely withstand forceful contact.

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